How Can a Cosmetic Dentist Help Me?

A cosmetic dentist can provide both customized services and general dental services. This not only means the appearance of your teeth, but ensuring your overall oral health is well on its way. A top priority of general and aesthetic dentistry is the prevention and / or treatment of gums, which is characterized by inflammation or bleeding gums, sensitive or missing teeth and bad breath (also known as Halitosis).

Gum disease can lead to a wide range of other health problems such as heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes and premature birth. It can also permanently damage your teeth and tissue, so the sooner you get gum disease and start treatment, the better. Some procedures for treating gum disease may include minimally invasive laser gum surgery. However, if the damage has progressed to the teeth and you have excessive wear, cracks, broken grooves or other problems, you may need other types of treatment.

Other general dental procedures may include:

    • Fillings: Dental fillings help treat teeth with different levels of cavities or caries and can also be used to repair injured or cracked teeth.
    • Dental crowns: Dental crowns are used to repair teeth that have extensive damage or wear. Crowns are the last line of defense before a tooth is too damaged to be saved and must be removed. They are also used to correct cosmetic imperfections.
  • Tooth extractions. When a damaged tooth cannot be repaired, a general dentist will remove it. In other cases, this is the case with wisdom teeth, a battered tooth that cannot break the gum barrier may also require extraction.

Braces: The braces are used to position the teeth to improve alignment, jaw discomfort and aesthetics.

Cosmetic Dentist

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