Orthodontics Definition

orthodontics The dental speciality concerned This may interest you : Another Word For Jaw. with the correction of irregularities of tooth placement and in the relationship of the upper teeth to the lower (occlusion). Teeth can readily be permanently moved by sustained pressure using braces, springs, wires and harnesses.

Orthodontics definition, the branch of dentistry dealing with the prevention and correction of irregular teeth, as by means of braces. See more.

Orthodontics definition is – a branch of dentistry dealing with irregularities of the teeth (such as malocclusion) and their correction (as by braces); also : the treatment provided by …

When you have unusual structure of teeth, an overbite, or gaps in the middle of your teeth, you may fit the bill for orthodontic treatment that can give you a straight smile and solve the problem of …

Market Scope & Methodology 1.1 Market Definition 1.2 Objectives 1.3 market scope 1.4 Segmentation 1.4.1 Europe Orthodontics Supplies Market, by Product 1.4.2 Europe Orthodontics Supplies Market, by …

Define orthodontics. orthodontics synonyms, orthodontics pronunciation, orthodontics translation, English dictionary definition of orthodontics. n. The dental specialty dealing with correction of irregularities of the teeth, such as malocclusion, often by the use of braces. or′tho·don′tic adj….

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What is ORTHODONTIST? What does ORTHODONTIST mean? ORTHODONTIST meaning, definition & explanation Inc., TP Orthodontics, Inc. Topics Covered Chapter 1. Market Scope & Methodology 1.1 Market Definition 1.2 Objectives 1.3 Market scope 1.4 segmentation

Orthodontic Specialty Services In addition, patients are provided a wide range of specialty services, such as Endodontics, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, Orthodontics, Periodontics, and pediatric dentistry. dr. Aron

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