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Smile definition, to assume a facial expression indicating pleasure, favor, or amusement, but sometimes derision or scorn, characterized by an upturning of the corners of the mouth. See more.

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A smile is formed primarily by flexing the muscles at the sides of the mouth. Some smiles include a contraction of the muscles at the corner of the eyes, an action known as a Duchenne smile. Smiles performed without the eye contraction may be perceived as insincere.

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Define smile. smile synonyms, smile pronunciation, smile translation, english dictionary definition of smile. n. A facial expression characterized by an upward curving of the corners of the mouth and indicating pleasure, amusement, or derision.

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Some of it brought a smile after a long week of news, but some of it hit a little close to home. — Zoe Weiner, Glamour, "Matt Damon Played a Belligerent Brett Kavanaugh on SNL’s 44th Season Premiere," 30 sep. 2018 The next step will be the installation of its smile on either Aug. 8 or 9, weather permitting.

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