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This weekend we celebrated my mom’s birthday. We usually go to the Sawmill Festival in Laguna Beach every year for her birthday and enjoy the sun while reading the local craftsmen with a cold glass of wine. This year was very different because Mother Nature decided to rain on our tradition, which was fantastic because we have to try something new! We walked to so much hip and picturesque SOCO and stopped for a few oysters at Shuck. Along with the delicious and slippery omega 3′s (oysters) I have sampled the wash with a wonderful effervescent glass of Brut champagne.

Champagne is my guilty pleasure because I love the bubbles and the touch of sweetness that a glass of wild has. Unfortunately, this “touch” of sweetness is over 2.5 grams of sugar per tiny flute! Sugar is not only bad for the teeth, but also creates a more acidic environment in the body. An acidic environment can host the growth and inflammation of fungi and is toxic to your liver and kidneys, not to mention it contributes to diabetes. There is a very bad formula for sugar lately and rightly so, it is very important to limit your sugar intake not only for your teeth but also for your overall health.

Do you still want something sweet? Xylitol is a plant-based sugar that has been shown to reduce acidity in the mouth and help fight tooth decay. The addition of xylitol to water 2g 2x / day has been shown to help combat tooth decay by reducing oral acidity. The next time you crave something sweet try changing a TicTac for some Xylamnes!


Sarah Jebreil, DDS

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