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After high school geometry, I’m sure the symmetry has not crossed your mind. We have accepted its truth and moved on to bigger and better things, but paradoxically, symmetry is all around us. Symmetry is actually one of the most coveted things. Symmetry is what the eye perceives as beautiful. Some of the most beautiful buildings in the world are symmetrical.

Like some of the most beautiful people

Wikipedia says: “Facial symmetry has been shown to have an effect on attractiveness assessments of human faces.[1][3] Most symmetrical faces are considered more attractive to both men and women, although facial symmetry plays a larger role in attractiveness crises for women.[8]

What does all this mean? We cannot just exchange what nature has given us, so we must work with what we have. Some of us who are more asymmetrical will have a strong strong side of the face, as seen with Katy Perry (below), her right side is her dominant side.

In my field I like to create more beautiful faces and not only beautiful teeth. Beautiful teeth that do not fit a person or balance the strengths and weaknesses of the face are epic failures because they do not create a more beautiful whole.

It did not take long for patients to come to me and say that I do not want veneers because I do not want false teeth, because they would see things like Hillary Duff (below).

The reason Hilary Duffs veneers were an epic failure is because

1. It was a long time for her “heart shape”

2. Its dental midline shifts to the right, which strengthens the dominant face of the already “right” side

3. They look like “unprepared” veneers that are bulky, opaque and very unnatural.

Remove, eyes like symmetry. Unfortunately, nature is not as abundant in symmetry as we would hope, but do not worry, we can still create beauty with balance and radiance! If you are interested in improving your smile to create an even more beautiful “ensemble”, call us for a free evaluation (949) 825-6020.


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