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Who betrayed Bain PAYDAY 2?

Who betrayed Bain PAYDAY 2?

His last words are about trusting Vernon Locke despite his impeachment in the Alaskan Deal. See the article : Chip Tooth Causes. In his absence, Locke has taken Bain’s place as seen in Day 2 of Reservoir Dogs, the Brooklyn Bank, and the subsequent robbery.

Who is the traitor in PAYDAY 2?

Who snitched on Hoxton PAYDAY 2?

Rato is revealed to be Hector, one of the first contractors in PAYDAY 2. Read also : Cosmetic dentistry 15301.

Who ratted on Hoxton PAYDAY 2?

Hector’s role as a rat in Hoxton’s capture is somewhat surprising; one of his missions involves killing the people who betrayed him, and is aptly named “Rats”.

How did Hoxton get caught?

In 2011, between the setting of the first and second games, the first Hoxton was arrested by the Federal Bureau of Intervention due to the DNA obtained from the First World Bank and was imprisoned in the same high-security prison as the cell same as their first driver, Matt (see Heat Street for details).

Does Locke betray you in PAYDAY 2?

Locke betrayed the Payday team simply because Overkill needed an excuse to steal. This may interest you : Buck Teeth Pic.

Who is the youngest character in PAYDAY 2?

At 22 years old, Joy is the youngest member of the Payday Gang.

What nationality is Locke PAYDAY 2?

Vernon Locke, from the country of South Africa, as shown by his statement, has long been a worker and works in the Murkywater mercenary organization.

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Is Houston and Hoxton the same person?

Is Houston and Hoxton the same person?

Houston (originally named Hoxton) is a playable character in PAYDAY 2. He is a 31-year-old American, and until the release of Hoxton Breakout, Houston assumed the mantle of Hoxton, assuming the alias and mask.

Who is Hoxton? Hoxton is the codename used by James Hoxworth, The Fugitive (formerly Sharpshooter) from Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom. He has two brothers, maybe more.

Who betrayed Hoxton PAYDAY 2?

6 Answers. Show what’s going on in this post. In the release of today’s Hoxton Revenge the traitor is: Hector.

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Is the dentist from PAYDAY 2 Gus fring?

Is the dentist from PAYDAY 2 Gus fring?

The dentist is played and portrayed by Giancarlo Esposito in PAYDAY 2. Esposito’s portrayal of the dentist is a reference to Gustavo Fring (also played by him) from the Breaking Bad series.

Who played the dentist in PAYDAY 2? Payday 2 (Video Game 2013) – Giancarlo Esposito as Dentist – IMDb.

Does Giancarlo Esposito play the dentist?

Esposito also appeared in a video for the first-person sci-fi action game Destiny, as well as playing The Dentist, a non-playable story character, in the game Payday 2.

Who plays Dallas PAYDAY 2?

Eric Etebari is an Iranian-American actor, model and singer. He appeared in Witchblade, 2 Fast 2 Furious and Lincoln Lawyer. He is also known for his portrayal of Dallas in the video game PAYDAY 2.

Who plays the elephant in PAYDAY 2?

Bokeem Woodbine (born April 13, 1973) is an American actor.

Who is the oldest Heister in PAYDAY 2?

Duke is the second or third oldest hitter in the game, in his 50s, with Jiro and Rust being the oldest at 52 and 61, respectively.

How old is Dallas PAYDAY 2?

Nathan Steele, a.k.a. Dallas, is the 44-year-old chain smoker American Mastermind. He wears an American flag mask during the heists, and is voiced by Simon Kerr.

Who is the youngest PAYDAY 2?

At 22 years old, Joy is the youngest member of the Payday Gang. Technically speaking, Joy doesn’t have her own Safe House room.

Who played the doctor in PAYDAY 2?

Dallas is played by actor Eric Etebari in the PAYDAY 2 webseries. His appearance in this series is very different from his game counterpart.

Did Houston replace Hoxton?

Behind The Scenes. At first, Houston was created as a complete replacement for Hoxton, as Pete Gold was not asked to reprise his role for unknown reasons. Derek Ray was cast as Hoxton in the PAYDAY Web Series before introducing the character in the game.

Who replaced Hoxton?

Hoxton was arrested by the FBI sometime between the first and second games, and was temporarily replaced by Dallas’ brother, a 31-year-old American portrayed by Derek Ray, who assumed the codename and mask.

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Why did Colin inject Hazel?

Why did Colin inject Hazel?

Mr McAuley told the court: “He would give her the medicine and she would pass out and she wouldn’t know anything about it until the next morning when she woke up. She would enjoy sexual satisfaction. with him without feeling guilty while still being able to enjoy himself.

What is happening to Hazel in the secret? Hazel Stewart was found guilty of double murder in 2011 and sentenced to 18 years in Hydebank Prison in Belfast. After the conviction, Colin accused Hazel and gave strong evidence in his case.

Why does he drug her in the secret?

And when Stewart complained that he was afflicted with “Christian guilt” for having sex outside of marriage, Howell’s solution was to inject him with drugs to ensure that he loses his mind. On one occasion, he was afraid that he might have killed her by accidentally drinking too much alcohol.

What true crime is The Secret based on?

Set between 1991 and 2011, The Secret – a shortened title from ‘Let This Be Our Secret’ by Deric Henderson, the true crime novel it was based on – spans decades two of which Howell escaped. his debts.

What’s the story behind The Secret?

The Secret is a 2016 Northern Ireland ITV series based on Let This Be Our Secret, Belfast journalist Deric Henderson’s account of the double murder of Lesley Howell and Constable Trevor Buchanan, whose bodies were discovered in a smoke-filled car in the garage. land in Castlerock, County Londonderry, in …

Who was Hazel Stewart?

Hazel Stewart is an Irish woman who was found guilty of double murder along with her lover, Colin Howell, in the murders of her husband, Trevor Buchanan, and Colin’s wife, Lesley. In 1990, Hazel Buchanan (nee Elkin) was living with her husband Trevor in Coleraine, Northern Ireland.

How old is Colin Howell?

Who is the dentist in payday?

Who is the dentist in payday?

Fring actor Giancarlo Esposito plays “Dentist”, a new name. He will debut in PayDay 2’s next DLC, The Big Bank Heist, due out on June 17.

Who was the love in PAYDAY 2? When you finally open the vault, Hoxton’s rat is revealed to be Hector. Tapes scattered around the safe show conversations between Hector and an FBI agent, with Hector trying to play the FBI and the Payday Gang while his agent takes advantage of Hector’s access to

Who is the villain in payday?

The dentist is a CRIME.NET contractor, and a supporting character, later revealed to be the main antagonist in the video game PAYDAY 2.

Who is the leader in payday?

Summary. Dallas is the most unique character in the entire PAYDAY series, appearing as the main character in almost any media. He is officially described as “the face everyone fears”, referring to his position as the Mastermind/leader of the PAYDAY crew.

What is Hoxtons real name PAYDAY 2?

Hoxton is the codename used by James Hoxworth, The Fugitive (formerly Sharpshooter) from Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom.

Who is the youngest payday member?

At 22 years old, Joy is the youngest member of the Payday Gang.

How old is chains PAYDAY 2?

In PAYDAY 2, Chains is 37 years old. In PAYDAY 2 and the Web Series, he is portrayed and portrayed by Damion Poitier.

Who is the original Payday crew?

The original four members of the Payday Gang in PAYDAY: The Heist cover. Various members celebrate the new Safe House. From left to right: Bile, Jacket, thug, unknown person, The original four gang members.

What is the movie the dentist about?

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