Because so many dentists are branching out into cosmetic dentistry, finding the right one to do dental implants in Orange County can be a daunting task. There is usually no insurance administrator who can direct the choice, as cosmetic dentistry is often not covered by insurance. Without a referral system, the decision-making process can seem insurmountable. These tips will make the process a little easier to navigate.

Start with a referral Read also : Cosmetic dentistry fort wayne, in.

If your regular dentist does not provide implant care, he may be able to provide a referral to a dentist who does. The recommendation is not negligible, as their own reputation is widespread. Other sources of referrals can come from friends, family, neighbors and colleagues.

Questions you should ask

It is important to carefully vet the cosmetic dentist before scheduling the consultation. During a phone call, questions that may be asked are:

  • Is the dentist a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry?
  • How long has the dentist been in practice?
  • What technology does the dentist use (laser, CAD/CAM restoration, intraoral imaging, etc.)?
  • How are emergencies handled?
  • Are before and after photos from previous patients available and satisfactory?

Schedule a Consultation

After the survey, visit the cosmetic dentist to discuss Orange County dental implants. During the consultation, the dentist will review information from the regular dentist and examine the patient to make up their own mind. Then there will be a discussion about what the patient’s expectations are and what the dentist can offer. A treatment plan will be developed and a quote for services will be provided.