What Is Considered Cosmetic Dentistry?

What dental concerns does cosmetic dentistry address?

Our mouths are like fingerprints. Each one is unique and requires special attention. To see also : What Type Of Dentist Does Crowns. Aesthetic dentists follow an individualized approach for each patient, combining their understanding of biology, engineering and aesthetics. Aesthetic dentistry usually addresses these main areas of concern:

Discoloration. Perhaps one of the most common dental complaints is the embarrassment around stained or yellowed teeth. Fortunately, this is one of the less complicated fixes. Cosmetic dentistry can provide professional whitening services for permanently discolored teeth. and while it whitens can To be done at home, cosmetic dentists are able to provide much more effective, less annoying and longer lasting results than the options at home. Often, many of these services also include reusable molds that can then be taken home along with a supply of medical grade teeth whitener.

Barriers to functionality. Damaged or damaged teeth can not only be painful, but can also cause problems with eating, drinking or speaking. Often, severely damaged teeth require a dental crown or cap to cover a damaged tooth. In other cases, dental bridges are used to restore multiple teeth at the same time. Many patients seek out cosmetic dentists for implants when the use of dentures has become very cumbersome and messy.

Poor alignment. While aesthetics is of course a component of aesthetic dentistry, issues of alignment are also addressed. When overlooked, poor alignment can not only damage teeth and gums, but can also cause chronic pain and a number of other health problems, such as headaches or temporomandibular joint disorders (also known as TMJ). teeth can also crack.

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