Why Use a Cosmetic Dentist?

Cosmetic dentists typically focus their work on three key areas of concern:

  • Poor functionality. Repairing damaged or broken teeth can cause significant discomfort when eating, drinking or talking. Individual teeth usually require a dental crown or cap to cover a damaged tooth, while dental bridges are used to restore multiple teeth. Implants help provide a natural, durable solution for missing teeth instead of using dentures that can be messy and uncomfortable.
  • Discoloration. For teeth that are permanently stained or yellowed, cosmetic dentistry can provide professional whitening services that are often much more effective, less irritating and long lasting than the options at home. Typically, these services involve making a reusable mold for your mouth, which can then be taken home with a supply of medical grade teeth whitening that can be applied again later.
  • Discrepancy Aesthetic dentistry also focuses on alignment issues, which often cause additional damage to the teeth and gums and can also cause pain. In some cases, incorrectly aligned teeth can add pressure to the jaw muscles or lead to chronic headaches or a temporomandibular joint disorder known as TMJ. In extreme cases, teeth can also break. Traditional braces or Invisalign® can not only significantly improve functionality and alignment, but can dramatically improve the appearance of teeth, leading to greater confidence and self-esteem.

Aesthetic dentistry uses some of the most advanced technologies available to provide convenient alternatives to time-consuming traditional approaches. much shorter time.

CEREC eliminates the need for multiple visits, reduces cluttered preparation as well as standby time and can be used for many types of repairs, such as:

  • Crowns
  • Bridges, and
  • Veneer

Cosmetic Dentist

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